Travel Pouch – Little Akepa
September 11, 2016
Crumplebag – Periwinkle
April 4, 2017

Flash Pouch – Lorikeets

Kota Asal Pengiriman : Kota Tangerang Selatan

Introducing another lightweight product from #themano called it #FlashPouch


Lorikeets is a small hidden pocket wallet, about half the size of the Crumplebag. It’s made from water repellent fabric. Feel the easy fo whip out when needed and noes not draw a lot of attention if you have to get it to pay

How to Use? It hangs inside your pants from your belt, just large enough to hold your passport, money and a very small pack of airline ticket. Enjoy!


Additional information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 16 × 10 mm
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