The idea of forming a product appears when the designer, Adhikka Sagala internship in a product design firm in 2009, which eventually made him familiar with the scope of the material world in it.
That day with a little knowledge in the world of product design and the world of sewing, He’s happy to decorate his own traveling equipment.
For more than 5 years He worked as a professional graphic designer and interspersed with traveling in each year, Making Dhika racked his brain to answer the question. To simplify his traveling equipment.
Until finally he set up a small team to doing production and able to create a product itself in 2014 Called The Mano, also start to commercialize to the webstore in December 2015. 

We believe the focus of the Mano will continue to bring fresh air and positive points with the best product in Indonesia, until we keep learning and keep growing.

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